Adventure Time!

Posted: December 16, 2009 in 2010, 2010 - 00 - Planning

Hello, friends.  I used to keep a blog, back in college, and recently felt that it is time to get another one going.  The main reason for this is due to a friend of mine, Hula.

Hula devised a wonderful plan to have 52 adventures in a year.  One adventure per week.  And these adventures shall be wide ranging.  Trying new food, going to new places, learning new skills, meeting new people…I guess I shall see what it all entails as the year goes on.

Here is an open invitation to join me in such adventures.  I am going to be keeping track of them on here by writing about them and hopefully posting some pictures or videos.

I hope that this will turn out to be entertaining for you all, but I know that it will be beneficial for me to keep track of what I have done for two reasons: A of all) my memory sucks and it is entirely likely that I would forget something I previously did; and B of all) it will be cool to come back in a number of years and re-read about my wonderful times.

Check back for updates (I may post a few times a week, but at least once a week starting in Januar).

Until then, be easy.


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