What Should My FOURTH Adventure Be?

Posted: January 7, 2012 in 2012, 2012 - 00 - Planning

Alright party people; I know what my first three adventures are going to be…but you won’t find out until I post about them 🙂

However, I want some help choosing my fourth adventure!  This is something I thought I would do to help keep things more random and, well, adventurous!  I will let you decide what I’m going.  Here is a poll of four possible things that I could do.  For the most part, I will follow whatever gets the most votes.  But if someone can leave a very convincing comment as to why I should do one or the other, I may listen…

Not all of the possible answers are terribly exciting.  But I am currently poor and need to save money for adventures, bills, possible road trip, and trying to be my lady’s sugar daddy.  I am failing at that last one.

  1. Adam Cullen says:

    Ooh ooh – got another good one. Sad I can’t join in / organize it.

    Gather some friends and go to UMN campus, then start a random fake protest on the quad. For example, chants could go something like, “What do we want? Cheeseballs! When do we want them? Now!!”. Signs also encouraged but do not have to be in connection to the chant topic. See how many random people you can get to join in with your cause.

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