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Polar Bear Plunge HELP!!!

Posted: December 29, 2009 in 2010, 2010 - 00 - Planning

I e-mailed many of you last night and today telling you about my Polar Bear Plunge experience and the help I will need for it.  If you received such an e-mail, please feel free to disregard this post as I am basically relaying the same information here.  For those who I forgot to e-mail (trust me, it wasn’t intentional. 95% chance I just forgot) then please continue to read!

I am going to do a Polar Bear Plunge.

For those not familiar with the term, it means I am going to jump into a hole cut in the ice of a frozen lake.  Yes, I am insane.  But I am doing it for a good cause!  The particular plunge I am participating in is benefiting the Minnesota 2010 Special Olympics.  In order to participate, we must raise money for the cause.  So I am asking all of you to please help me out!  If you could take but a few minutes of your time to go to a website and pledge money to me, I would GREATLY appreciate it.

The website is: Right underneath the top logo is a link for “Find a Plunger”.  Clink on that link.  Once there, choose my plunge site (White Bear Lake, Jan 30th).  Then a list should pop up.  The names are in alphabetical order, so mine is easy to find near the top (Amborn, Daniel).  From there, you can donate how much you want.  I only pledged to raise a total of $75, thinking it would be an easily attainable goal, but now I honestly feel ashamed about that amount.  I want to raise WAY more than that.  Like, WAY WAY more.  I have some personal connections to the Special Olympics (ranging from childhood friends to my current job working with special needs children) and this event is beginning to take on a lot of meaning to me.  Yes, it will be a great one of my fifty-two adventures, but it is also helping some great individuals have an amazing experience.

Oh, and if anyone is crazy enough to want to plunge with me, give me a jingle and we can set up a team!

Well, that is all I got for now.  I appreciate the support!  Since e-mailing people last night at 2am, I have already raised $50!  I am VERY excited for how this is going to go.

So here, so far, is a list of my adventures.  It is around 36, which means I have 16 more.


  • Stop complaining about not finding good sushi in Minneapolis and make my own
  • Make a five-course dinner for a party of eight people
  • Give up soda to help me get into shape for my wedding
  • Be vegetarian for a week

Twin Cities and Minnesota

  • Go sail boating on Lake Calhoun
  • Go to Al’s Breakfast
  • Go to a non-football University of Minnesota sports event (probably going to be a wrestling duel)
  • Start a snowball fight with the kids at my local elementary school
  • Go dog-sledding up  in northern Minnesota
  • Take my lady for a night on the town that isn’t simply dinner and a movie
  • Eat a Jucy Lucy at Matt’s Bar (where they originated)
  • Do the Polar Bear Plunge at White Bear Lake

Crazy or Relaxing

  • Look fear in the face and win (ride a horse)
  • Get a tattoo
  • Learn to dance (other than ballroom, which I already can do)
  • Spend a day watching classic films
  • Fire a hand gun
  • Get hypnotized
  • Go to my bachelor party
  • Get married (this was a pre-planned one, not a random thought, just so you know)
  • Go to the National NCAA Wrestling Tournement in Omaha with my father and two brothers


  • Run a 5K
  • Climb a mountain
  • ….find a mountain to climb
  • Canoe a long stretch of river
  • Listening day (no talking)
  • Shut-it-off day (no electricity)
  • Get more involved with my friends lives and show them I care
  • Attend grad school (or apply for many more if I don’t get in)

Out and About

  • Go to a high school sporting events and cheer loudly
  • Go to live dog or horse race
  • Attend a film festival
  • Get all snazzed up and go to the ballet, opera, or some such event
  • Volunteer at a shelter
  • Go to a museum
  • Go to Six Flags
  • Attend a religious service of a religion not my own

In my eyes, my list so far is pretty varied and fun.  But please, let me know what you think of these ideas.  Also, feel free to invite yourself along on them.  Or tell me new ones I should do (whether solo or with you).

I am not sure what my first adventure will be, but my first PLANNED adventure is actually the Polar Bear Plunge at White Bear Lake.  Within the next few days, expect a post from me talking about it (quick diddy – the plunge is a charity event and I am hoping to raise money for it).

Until next time, be easy.

Adventure Time!

Posted: December 16, 2009 in 2010, 2010 - 00 - Planning

Hello, friends.  I used to keep a blog, back in college, and recently felt that it is time to get another one going.  The main reason for this is due to a friend of mine, Hula.

Hula devised a wonderful plan to have 52 adventures in a year.  One adventure per week.  And these adventures shall be wide ranging.  Trying new food, going to new places, learning new skills, meeting new people…I guess I shall see what it all entails as the year goes on.

Here is an open invitation to join me in such adventures.  I am going to be keeping track of them on here by writing about them and hopefully posting some pictures or videos.

I hope that this will turn out to be entertaining for you all, but I know that it will be beneficial for me to keep track of what I have done for two reasons: A of all) my memory sucks and it is entirely likely that I would forget something I previously did; and B of all) it will be cool to come back in a number of years and re-read about my wonderful times.

Check back for updates (I may post a few times a week, but at least once a week starting in Januar).

Until then, be easy.