Done List

Here is a list of all of the things that I’ve already done in chronological order, as well as a link to the corresponding post:


Week 1 – Eat the original Jucy Lucy

Week 2 – Give a long, honest look at my future marriage

Week 3 – Make and eat my own sushi

Week 4 – Analyze my lifestyle and chart improvements I can make

Week 5 – Polar Bear Plunge to raise money for Minnesota Special Olympics

Week 6 – Per request of friends, try the other “original” Juicy Lucy at the 5-8 Club

Week 7 – Go skating on a pond, not an ice rink

Week 8 – Fire a hand gun

Week 9 – Found out I didn’t get into any kind of graduate level teaching program 😦

Week 10 – Create a music playlist made out of songs that make my friends think of me

Week 11 – NCAA National Wrestling Championship in Omaha, NE

Week 12 – Wax my back hair, and part of my chest hair

Week 13 – Go to Target Field on it’s opening day

Random – Overcome fear of horses

Random – Get married

Random – Go skydiving

Random – Go on a Zombie Pub Crawl

Random – U of M football tailgaiting


Random – Mega Bus trip to Chicago

Random – Go to a rodeo with a wicked mustache

Random – Snowboarding up in Lutsen, MN

Random – Go on my honeymoon and pet a real penguin

Random – Took a shot of tequila with a pickled scorpion inside

Random – Get a geek related tattoo

Random – Front row seats on the foul line at a Twins game


Week 1 – Go to Al’s Breakfast

Week 2 – Power, Wisdom, and Courage

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