To-Do List

Here is my list of adventures I could possibly do broken up into things that cost money and things that should be free.  I made a post about them earlier, but I am making this list so that I can add new ones and take things off once they are completed.  Help me keep track of things.  And believe me, I need all the help I can ge



Food and Fitness

  • Make a five-course dinner for a party of eight people
  • Go to one of those classes where you cook meals that can last you a week
  • Be vegetarian for a week and make all of my own meals
  • Run a 5K, maybe the Warrior Dash
  • Take some form of fitness classes (thinking yoga) two-three times a week for a month
  • Find a plethora of new, delicious restaurants that are off the beaten path
  • Go to a wine-tasting…and hopefully enjoy it

Twin Cities

  • Go sail boating on Lake Calhoun
  • Go to a Minnesota Wild game (have never been, and I LOVE hockey!)
  • Have a beer rocket at Tuggs Tavern
  • Have a Das Boot at Gasthofs
  • Go dog-sledding up  in northern Minnesota
  • Take an early-American skills class at Fort Snelling (maybe blacksmith)
  • Be a Minnesota Twins season ticket holder
  • Go to the Renaissance Festival and learn a skill
  • Take the Segway tour of Minneapolis
  • Eat five different deep fried items at The Great Minnesota Get Together
  • Go on the Dam Tour
  • See one of the special exhibits at the Science Museum
  • Go on the Pedal Pub
  • Go to the Skyzone Indoor Trampoline Park
  • Urban Dare scavenger hunt (

Crazy or Relaxing

  • Get a tattoo with a group of friends
  • Learn to dance
  • Get hypnotized
  • Look fear in the face and win (aka – whales)

Creative Outlets

  • Create and send postcards to long lost friends
  • Buy a type-writer and use it to write letters to all of my family members
  • Also type out thank you notes to people who’ve influenced me in my life
  • Make photography inspired, or other unique, birthday cards for people
  • Drink and take a painting class at the same time (maybe at Simply Jane Studio)

Out and About (Not MN)

  • Go to a high school sporting events and cheer loudly
  • Go to a professional baseball game at a stadium I’ve never been to
  • Plan an amazing bachelor party (watch out, Trevor)
  • Go to live dog or horse race
  • Attend a film festival
  • Go to a haunted house
  • Get all snazzy and go to the ballet, opera, or some such event
  • Go to a museum
  • Pick apples at an orchard
  • Go to a non-Valley Fair amusement park
  • Take my lady for a night on the town that isn’t simply dinner and a movie
  • Go on more brewery tours (maybe find a distillery too?)
  • Attend some kind of comic book / sci fi / geek convention…dressed up
  • Visit a friend in a far away city
  • Visit something crazy and ridiculous, such as “Largest Ball of Twine”
  • Visit another country (probably Canada)
  • Do something on a farm (like milk a cow, or sheer a sheep, or something)
  • Go outdoor rock climbing
  • Go paintballing
  • Go to an indoor waterpark



Food and Fitness

  • Give up caffeine for a week
  • Give up soda for at least a month
  • Climb a mountain
  • Canoe a long stretch of river
  • Ride a bike for some crazy long length of time, like 50 miles or something
  • Join an intramural team of some kind
  • Eat a worm, ala the children’s book

Twin Cities and Minnesota

  • Take a photo with every Peanuts statue in the Twin Cities in a single weekend!
  • Go on a picture taking adventure around the Twin Cities

Crazy or Relaxing

  • Spend a day watching classic films
  • Defeat all Mega Man NES and SNES games within one week
  • Watch a butt-load of Ken Burns documentaries
  • Babysit for at least three of my friends children for free
  • Get duct-taped to the ceiling
  • Listening day (no talking)
  • Shut-it-off day (no electricity)
  • Get more involved with my friends lives and show them I care
  • Don’t spend any money for a week

Creative Outles

  • Actually finish and publish (if only online) one of my stories
  • Maybe send one of the stories to an actual publisher
  • Learn to play Legend of Zelda songs on the recorder I bought three years ago
  • Try to put together that “Crazy Kids Sayings” book I have compiled notes on

Out and About (not Minnesota or TC specific)

  • Volunteer at a shelter or something
  • Donate blood
  • Attend a religious service of a religion not my own
  • Go to a beer festival (maybe Bockfest in New Ulm, Feb 18th, 2012)
  • Play in a waterfall at Willow River State Park
  • Play five games of frisbee golf on five different courses on the same day
  • Go to an outdoor movie


  1. Kyle Bitterman says:

    I can help you knock out many of those in one weekend! Of course, if you’re willing and able. 🙂 It may be a bit assuming, but I have written this with a specific weekend in mind. It is the 27th through the 29th of April.

    The best and first part is getting to “Visit a Friend in a Far Away City.” OK, Ames, IA may not be super far, but 500 years ago it took weeks if not months to travel this distance. You, however, get to enjoy the convenience of the 21st Century and make a 3 + hour “Road Trip” out of it. Jamison was talking about coming to visit, maybe he can join! (Any traveling with that guy is guaranteed to be a good time.)

    We can’t stay up too late or drink too much because on Saturday, we can “Run a 5K” (or more!). There are many runs a year in and around Ames, but if we can’t find one near here or on a good day, I have some cool routes around ISU’s campus. (Granted, paying for a race makes one more accountable to doing better and actually doing it, but in order to “Stop just watching The Biggest Loser and start being the Biggest Loser” will take accountability as it is. Cost or not, you’d be there.) Waterloo, IA has a 5K on the 28th, but it is around 2 hours away from here.

    In order to do a 5K, sacrifices are obviously necessary. So prior to it would be a perfect time to “Give up caffeine for a week” and/or “Give up soda for at least a month.”

    Depending on when it is open, Prairie Meadows Racetrack in Altoona, IA is about 45 minutes from my place. Either after the 5K on Saturday (the typical day they are ran) or after some Sunday fun—which will be mentioned later—we can “Go to a live horse race!” (I’ve never been to one either!) The only caveat is that you would have to visit during the months of April to October (when they actually have races).

    Saturday night, we can “Go to a wine-tasting” and I promise you will enjoy it. Your best option is to stick with my place and my wife’s company’s wine ( )). Or there are two wineries pretty close to Ames, Prairie Moon Winery is about 20 minutes and Snus Hill Winery is about 30 minutes from Ames. We can easily head to either.

    Ames is home to more religions than I can count, so it would be super easy to “Attend a religious service of a religion not your own.” Heck, I might even join you (Even atheists should challenge themselves). If we anger their gods, you would realize the benefit of not being from around here…and I would likely be tied to a stake. Go to this website and click on >Churches/Faith Center for more information.

    To round off the weekend, we could head to Principle Park in Des Moines and watch the Cubs play against Nashville. Didn’t think we had a MLB stadium in Iowa? Didn’t think Nashville had a team? That’s because we don’t and they don’t. It is the Iowa Cubs, of the Minor Leagues! There is a game at 1 on the 29th. Something new to me, the Minor Leagues are still considered professional so you can easily “Go to a professional baseball game at a stadium you’ve never been to” (so long as you have not been to Principle Park).

    During any of the days, we can make our way over to Reiman Gardens and take a look at some beautiful giant wooden insects, But those aren’t even the only thing Reiman has to offer, here you can truly “Visit something crazy and ridiculous” by seeing the World’s Largest Concrete Gnome.

    On your trip back to the Cities, you can stop in Clear Lake, IA to visit the place the music died. The Surf Ballroom still stands, including a museum!, and the crash site is not far out of town which all commemorates the last gig location and where Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and the Big Bopper died. (One of my childhood homes is still there too!)

    Instead of either of the day’s activities, or you just need to stay longer, we can get you to “Go to a non-Valley Fair amusement park” because Adventureland Amusement Park is about 45 minutes away in Des Moines! Although, the way the winter has been delaying its start, April will likely include blizzards instead of the typical showers, and would make for a boring day at the park.

    There you have it, a way to knock out more adventures in one weekend than you did in one year.

    Take care, Daniel.

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